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In 2020, all new homes in California must be installed with solar panels as a source of renewable energy. A small European country, Iceland has switched to new sources of energy to meet electricity needs, while the Asian giant, China has a panda-shaped solar panel field. Indonesia? It's time to make Indonesia align with other countries in the world and become part of the energy revolution which has now become a global trend. You can take part and contribute with REEF. Never wait longer, because our future belongs to us. Want to know more? Join to inspire by switching to a healthier energy.



Clean Energy. New resource to reduce footprint carbon with using renewable energy for providing electricity


Online Monitoring. Maintain and control the transparency of electricity usage by users


Financing Reading. Clear and detailed financial statements

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REEF supported PureHeart #HarmonyInDiversity

In fact not all regions have been provided with adequate access to electricity. Thus causing paralysis of community infrastructure such as health providers and schools. For a sustainable environment, Pureheart will help people in the 3T region to get electricity access with a solar panel for lighting and means of living in free.



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