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In 2020, all new homes in California must be installed with solar panels as a source of renewable energy. A small European country, Iceland has switched to new sources of energy to meet electricity needs, while the Asian giant, China has a panda-shaped solar panel field. Indonesia? It's time to make Indonesia align with other countries in the world and become part of the energy revolution which has now become a global trend. You can take part and contribute with REEF. Never wait longer, because our future belongs to us. Want to know more? Join to inspire by switching to a healthier energy.



Clean Energy. New resource to reduce footprint carbon with using renewable energy for providing electricity


Online Monitoring. Maintain and control the transparency of electricity usage by users


Financing Reading. Clear and detailed financial statements

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REEF supported PureHeart #HarmonyInDiversity

Pureheart is providers platform company with technology inovatifnya to create the world better through social activities. Pureheart helps companies to transparency activities and distribution donations companies in terms of conducting activities corporate social responsibility. Pureheart also committed on toward the goal sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals) with technology blockchain thoroughly (end-to-end) so that the life quality of society Indonesia has increased. The development of technology, pureheart with features of latest provide features to share with. So that share happiness with share with fellow that is not hard to organize, because all can be done through your fingertips with Pureheart.



Ledgernow present in Hannover messe bring system blockchain first in Indonesia to facilitate each user. Blockchain help users transparently, transactions data stored safe and the data shows. detailed and clearFishermen in indonesia has use application blockchain in catching fish and send their catch fish. With a system of blockchain, users can track process of shipping. Blockchain also facilitate patients and hospital in the administrative process patients. Record medical patient recorded using blockchain technology so that data that can be stored for a long time and secure. Patient medical records will be recorded and doctors easily in detecting patient history. Understanding blockchain system made interesting in a blockchain users easily understand that.



Entering the new era of Indonesian export the industrial revolution 4.0. LedgerNow helps in increasing Indonesia's fishermen living standards and sustainable economy. Indonesia which has an area of the sea 75 % having us the best chance of economic growth in the maritime affairs. With help from technology system of blockchain, fishermen who can see a good condition of the ocean during this as well as help the local fishermen to show off on doing of selling and shipping the catch. It did not take long to get the facility of the catch if fishers from using this application is reasonable enough blockchain.



Indonesia is wealthy in natural resources. The abundant resource in Indonesia today is sunlight. With the resources we have, the use of solar panels is a solution for clean energy sources for Indonesia. REEF works together to create a healthy Indonesia.

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Ministry of Industry and Startup4Industry held an expo and seminar event in December 2019 about Indonesia's 4.0 industry, which was attended by Indonesian start-ups. LedgerNow is one of the start-ups that had the opportunity to be the participant and won an award of "Hack Industry Case 1- System Integrity (ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management in ODOO-Based ERP Modules).


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