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Webinar 1 – Solar Energy – Technology And Markets – Advanced Program by REEF

About this Event

This program is an advanced program about solar energy. It will last 3 sessions, each session having a different focus:

  • Technology
  • Markets
  • Public Policies and Home installations


Each session will take 1h30 of lesson and 30mins of Questions and Answers. Participants will have the possibility to discuss and ask questions about any solar related topic. Mr. Rachman (REEF Vice President and Solar Expert) will join some of the sessions to give real time market perspective and his experts insight.


The detailed plan of each session is the following:


-1- Technology

Scientific principles, the photoelectric effect

Limitations to the efficiency and potentialities to increase it

New market-relevant technoloqies




Calculate the efficiency of a technology/system


-2- Markets

Cost breakdown of solar: What makes the cost of a solar kWh?

Evolution of prices

How long does it takes for a solar panel to generate the energy needed for its fabrication?

And the money??

Can w do it all with solar?

Maximum possible market share + value deflation (the duck curve)


-3- Public policies and installation design

Global policies

What do the UN, the IEA and the COP climate meetings say?

Regional policies and incentives

How can I finance a solar project?


Power Purchase Agreement

Design your own project – practical implementation —> personal work

The whole program costs IDR 1.500.000/ session for local participants and IDR. 2000.000 for international participants.


Participants will have to undergo a short exam at the end of the program and will receive a stamped certificate in case of success. If you have any question contact us at contact @reefinancing